Take Action Guide

We have all been inspired by a conference, training, or even a brainstorming shower session!  Your pumped up and feel like you can change the world!  Then…. nothing happens!  Life get’s in the way and “reality” sets in.

The Take Action Guide is a tool for you to change that reality by focusing on taking action on your ideas through a proven system.  Regardless of the idea or project, this guide is designed to keep you focused and moving towards your goal.  Sign up for your FREE Take Action Guide below!

Take Action Guide

What’s Included:

  • Take Action 28 Day Worksheet: tracks progress and keeps you moving forward
  • Take Action Task Takeaway Cards: increase productivity and single out most important tasks
  • Take Action Reminder Printouts: constant motivation for your goal/project
  • Take Action Newsletter: keeps you pumped up!

Mark’s message is designed to inspire by focusing on the real world, fun, and taking action!

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I have been in denial for a long time.  I am a nice guy, I care about people, I like to have fun and play, and children generally like me.  Because of this everyone assumed I would naturally be a great dad. – I WAS NOT – When my daughter was born, I was super dad!  The […]

Budget Spending

Why does everyone associate budgeting with saving?  Saving is necessary, but it isn’t sexy.  In fact, saving is boring and feels like a punishment to most people.  It is time to redefine budgeting and realize that it is a tool that allows you to do the following three things: Take advantage of opportunity Spend more […]

Podcast Interview

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to scratch off one of my goals from the Take Action List.  As mentioned in my post 12 Hours; after just 12 hours of making it public on my site that I was interested in doing podcast interviews Scott Barlow from the Happen to Your Career Podcast contacted me! […]

The Easy Budget Tool

Link to other videos: http://mydailymark.com/budgetdetail/ Some people think the word “BUDGET” is a four-letter word.  Simply saying the word sends shivers down the backs of couples as they imagine the slugfests that will ensue.  Many young people aren’t scared of the word, but they just believe that budgets are too much work and something they can start […]

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Follow these few principals and you will find a path that leads you to a career and life that you will be comfortable in and enjoy.

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