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4 Interview Questions to Set Up a Promotion

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are the kind of person that aspires to move up in the corporate ranks quickly!  The best time to set yourself up for this is in the interview for your first job with any company.  You should ask for a promotion before you even get done interviewing for the first position! Let me explain….

It is crucial to set expectations when interviewing.  The company is setting expectations for the performance of the person in the position and compliance with company policies.  You should also be clear on what you are looking for in the position.  If you are starting from the bottom (Starting from the bottom is great! See Why!) then you should ask the interviewer what the career path is to the position you desire.  The person doing the interview will appreciate that you are a go-getter and will love the idea that you are looking to grow with the company.  Part of their job is talent management and development, so you will make their job easier by identifying yourself even before you are hired!  Here are a few key interview questions to ask to set yourself up for future promotions:

  1. I would like to build my skill set and career towards becoming the insert your aspiration position.  Would this position be a good fit in that career path?  Don’t discount the job you are interviewing for, but you should already be looking to the future.  Asking about the career path will show you are a serious candidate and looking for a company you can grow with instead of just a temporary job till you find something else.  If the interviewer is turned off by this question, then you are probably interviewing for a dead end job!  Most interviewers will be excited to see someone with higher career aspirations since you will probably work hard to achieve your career goals.
  2. I am excited to learn the business in this position and prepare myself for the future.  What is the process and timeline for employees to be considered to advance within the company?  This will help you identify companies that are just flying by the seat of their pants and do not have any career-pathing.  You want to stay away from a company that has no idea on how they promote people!
  3. What are the training opportunities with the company?  A strong company will have several training outlets that you can take advantage of.  Will you be allowed to work in cross functional teams? Do they pay for off-site training? Do they have company training programs?
  4. Does the company have any management training programs?  If so, how are individuals selected?  It is a good idea to identify any potential programs available for elite employees and see how you can position yourself to be selected.  The question itself will show that you are interested and the interviewer will think of you first should you get hired.

These questions should not blur your desire for the current job, but show that you are interested in more than just a “job”.  You will also want to ask the normal interview questions concerning the company and position.

With these easy and direct questions, you will identify yourself as someone looking to learn the business and then grow with the company.

Take Action Today

If you have an interview for a new position coming up, practice these 4 questions before the interview and ask them with confidence during the interview.  Then work hard to live up to the expectations!

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