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5 Steps to Find Perfect Inspiration

All of the motivation in the world is useless if you don’t know what to do or how to take action. With this simple technique, you can set a more clear path to your goals by viewing what others did that was successful when they were in the same position you are in now.  Creating a Inspiration Web was introduced to me by my lovely wife after listening to her favorite artsy podcast, Elise Gets Crafty.  Elise referenced the book Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon and he suggested this process in the book.  Simply put, find someone doing what you want to do and research them.

Spider Web Inspiration

The Inspiration Web above is my first one I started and I am still working on expanding my network with it.  Each person I researched are at varying levels of success within their career and they are all doing things that interest me.  Here is how I created it:

  • I started listening to the Eventual Millionaire Podcast with Jaime Tardy.  She interviews young and established entrepreneurs who have a net worth of one million plus to focuses on how they did it.
  • I researched everything about her that I could and listened to all podcast interviews where she discussed her history and success.
  • I then started researching several of her guests that I found interesting including Ryan Moran, Larry Winget, Jordan Harbinger, Josh Shipp, and more.
  • Josh Shipp is a motivational speaker and a entrepreneur which interested me.
  • I researched Josh Shipp interviews and found Grant Baldwin.  Grant Baldwin is also a motivational speaker and does a podcast called How Did You Get Into That.
  • I researched everything about Grant Baldwin and even reached out to him via email and webinars.  Grant Baldwin had worked with Jaime Tardy in the past.  He gave me great advice!
  • I researched other students of Jaime Tardy and found Scott Barlow and the Happen To Your Career Podcast.  I reached out to him and had a fantastic coaching Skype call one Saturday morning at 5am!
  • Scott Barlow introduced me to Gary Ware who does another great podcast called Breakthrough Cocktail.  We connected and have a Skype session scheduled for early December.
  • To Be Continued!

Doing a deep dive into the persons life will help you find out where they started, why they chose the path they did, who inspired them, and what skills they have that makes them successful.  You don’t have to be a trend setter to be successful.  If someone has already reached the position that you want, you should take advantage of their experience and mimic what made them successful where applicable.  After you have researched their career path etc., restart the process with people in their network and mentors.  You will quickly identify commonalities between successful people and determine what was “luck”.

Follow these 5 steps to create your own Inspiration Web!

Find Your Inspiration Infographic

Take Action Today

Find a person doing what you want to do that is a big name in the field.  Research and find as many articles and interviews with the person as possible and look for how they got to where they are today and who influenced them.


  • Thanks Mark for the mention! Love your points. The road doesn’t always have to be made by you. Sometimes it’s pre-paved and you just need to walk on in for a while as long as it’s leading where you want to go!

    • mydailymark on December 1, 2014

      I agree Scott! Thanks for the inspiration and taking the time to share your experiences with me.

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