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Best Interview Tip for a Happy Career!

We all have fears of saying the wrong things in interviews and then not getting a call back.  I am here to tell you that this fear is unwarranted and can be damaging to your long term success!  This fear may cause you to respond to an interview question the way you THINK the interviewer wants rather than what you would respond in any other situation.  The best interview tip for long term career happiness with a company is to BE YOURSELF during the interview!

By responding with canned answers you got from the Googles, you are not setting yourself apart in the interview.  You may also be portraying yourself as something you are not, and that can cause you to live in a van down by the river.  Follow my logic for the best interview tip for a happy career:

Scenario 1: Using Generic Answers

– You schedule and interview with a great company.    – You prepare by typing in “Best Interview Answers” in the Googles.    – You go to interview and respond with the canned answers from the Internet.    – YAY! You got the job, but they don’t know who you really are because of your canned answers.    – After 2 months, you are tired of acting like someone else to live up to the fake answers you gave and hate your coworkers because you were actually not a good fit for the company.    – You go to happy hour with a few in an attempt to bond.    – They drink $1,000 worth of booze and leave you unknowingly with the bill.    – You walk out and get arrested after fighting the bartender for a bill that you thought was paid.    – You lose said job and end up selling your things for a van to live in,…. down by the river of course.

Scenario 2: Using the Best Interview Tip – Be Yourself

– You schedule and interview with a great company.    – You prepare by researching the company and the culture to determine if it is a place you would like to work.    – You go to the interview and dazzle them with your witty and possibly even corny sense of humor and answering all questions honestly.    – YAY! You got the job and they give you different responsibilities than even noted in the job posting due to your skill set.    – You excel at the position and are recognized countless times by managers.    – The CEO takes notice and gives you a promotion.    – You are invited out for a celebratory dinner in your honor where they buy a $1,000 bottle of champagne to celebrate!

I think the message is clear, be yourself in the interview to receive a job that is fitting.  If you respond to questions and stay true to yourself, you will have a better chance of finding a company that you fit in with.  If you don’t get the job, but did stay true to yourself, you shouldn’t be upset.  The interviewer decided that you probably wouldn’t be a good fit in the company, which is fine!  You want to get hired by a company that thinks you will excel and fit in.

Take Action Today

Implement the best interview tip and be yourself!  If you are preparing for an interview, write a personal mission statement to describe who you are.  While preparing, refer back to the mission statement often so you can begin to formulate your own responses to possible questions that fit with who you are.  Then, go kick butt at the interview!  Happy Job Hunting….

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