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Marks Favorite Marketing 2014 – Video Inspiration 1 of 3

I did a short video last week for the ALS #IceBucketChallenge that inspired me on many levels.  In some ways, this video was a turning point in how I view my sometimes unusual sense of humor.  It also made me step back and see how cool marketing can be!  I have broken all of this down into 3 different posts.  Enjoy!

Note: The ALS #IceBucketChallenge was done for a fantastic cause that was relatively unknown until these videos started to surface.  Please take a moment and find out more about the cause here:

Post 1 of 3: Marks Favorite Marketing!

This year has been great for marketing.  Campaigns have become more interactive and target social effectively by creating viral worthy content.  The two Best Marketing 2014 campaigns so far are the Coca-Cola Share a Coke campaign and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I haven’t given much thought to either company or cause in the past,  but now you can’t go online without being bombarded by user generated content.

  • Coca-Cola Share a Coke: This campaign turned a simple daily drink into a social worthy share opportunity! Coca-Cola added names to individual cans and invited customers to “Share a Coke”.  They took it a step further by adding other labels including Gamer, Buddy, Friend, and many more to cover everyone!  Because people love seeing their name in unusual places, they are more apt to search out the brand when standing in front of the convenient store cooler.  Admit it, the last time you walked through one of those crappy beach gift shops; you looked for your name on the sandal keychain display!  By adding names, it turned the brand from being just a tasty beverage into a feel good moment.  You know you hit the jackpot when people are sharing their selfie with a Coke can on Facebook!  I have even noticed that people in my office keep different un-opened Coke cans on their desks now.  Well played Coca-Cola!
  • ALS #IceBucketChallenge:  ALS pirated an already existing cold water challenge and rebranded it as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  If you haven’t heard of this, then you probably aren’t on Twitter or Facebook and live in a van down by the river! (low rent and convenient place to do the challenge)  ALS is a charity that supports research for a neurodegenerative disease commonly called Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Very few people were aware of the disease and the Ice Bucket Challenge has turned the cause into a water cooler and social conversation.  The challenge is to dump a bucket of cold water and ice over your head and then challenge 3 friends to do the same in 24 hours or donate to the charity.  Many people do both.  With friend tagging in posts on Facebook and Twitter, this campaign was a prime candidate to go viral and it did in a MAJOR way!  It has raised $41.8 Million as of 8/22 according to the ALS website and has overtaken most social media feeds.  Now, if we could only get Psy to do the ALS #IceBucketChallenge during the Harlem Shake.  And yes,… I did do the challenge and donate!

Take Action Today:

Look at your life and realize what marketing has influenced.  Are you wearing a brand because of what you think they stand for?  Are you viewing this on an Apple device because you like feeling creative?  After you find a few key items or experiences that were influenced by marketing, think about how you can market yourself to create your own consistent feeling or experience for the people you interact with daily.  Share a Coke was personal and playful.  Is that your brand?  Or are you more of a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge cheerleading everyone one and encouraging involvement through challenging your team.  Pick your personal unique brand.


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