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Go Big with Random Holidays!

Fun Husband Fridays

What did your spouse get you for Christmas 2 years ago?  What about your birthday last year?  Do you remember?  If not, don’t worry!  It’s not that you didn’t care or like it, it is because it was expected and one of many presents you received that day.  That is why I am telling you to do 2 things (stay with me on this…..):

FIRST: Buy small gifts on major holidays.  Instead, do something inspiring that day with your spouse!  This means donating money or your time to a worthy cause.  That will be a much more positive memory than a random striped shirt or gold earrings.

SECOND: We all like to receive gifts and feel special, so pick a random day and go big!  Instead of spending $500 at Christmas, surprise your spouse with big gifts on a random holiday!  Here is a fun site with a list of random holidays: Days of the Year



The surprise of getting big gifts on a random day is a gift in itself!  Think about how fun it would be if you came home after work to find a bunch of wrapped presents for you!  AWESOME!

Take Action Today

Today is United Nations Day.  Go to the store at lunch time and buy some wrapping paper and a card (flag or patriotic if you can find it).  Buy a few fun gifts or something BIG if you want to go all out.  Wrap it up and surprise your spouse!  If you are reading this post after Oct. 24, then click here for a fun list of holidays: List.  DO IT TODAY!

For more fun ideas, visit the Fun Husband Friday section of this blog: Click Here

* Special thanks to John B. for the idea!

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