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Why Blogging was Bad

Why Was Blogging Bad For This Career Blog?

If you notice, my last post was a little over a month ago.  You may be thinking that I lost interest, got shut down by the CIA, or just plain don’t care any more!  Those feelings are only natural since the main reason for having a blog is to,…. well BLOG!  After 4.5 months of blogging, I realized that blogging was bad for my blog!  I work a full time job, have a family, do public speaking on the side, run a social movement website, and write on this career advice blog.  With that more than full schedule, I was just barely able to keep up with the basics of the blog and I wasn’t happy with nearly any of it.  So, I decided that the time spending writing on this blog was actually counter productive.  But it wasn’t because I am done sharing my experience and advice.  It is because I want to share it in a better way and with more people!

Why Did I Stop Blogging?

Given my abundance of projects and responsibilities, I had to find ways to focus on moving forward instead of sustaining.  Most of my time outside of work and family was spent researching and writing which was not getting me anywhere since I was completely neglecting everything else around MyDailyMark.  Instead of keeping up this treadmill pace and not getting anywhere, I decided to cut out blogging for a month and focus on preparing the website for growth and figure out how I can reach more people and help them with their career.  I am happy I started the way I did, but it was time for MyDailyMark to receive a makeover!

The best way for me to learn has always been with hands on experience.  That is why I am not scared to try anything!  I know that the way I start won’t be the way I finish.  MyDailyMark started out with a clean and free theme and little more than an idea that I wanted to write about the great advice I wish I knew starting out.  I didn’t think about the business side of things, looks, branding, etc. I was just focused with starting.  After several months of tinkering I started spending just as much time researching as I was writing.  Knowing how to do the basics and what issues I had allowed me to focus my research towards what I really needed and cut out the fluff!  Now I listen to 3 podcasts a day, watch videos, subscribe to great resources, and have several great contacts that are mentoring me.  I have even joined a beta course to help with my public speaking.  Things have moved very slow in my mind to get to this point, but all things considered I have learned a ton in a short period of time.  Now, I am ready to start sharing my thoughts and tips on a regular basis again.  Enjoy!

What Did I Accomplish?

Over the last month I have been more busy than ever.  I have been working 2 hours a day before work (alarm set for 4:16am) and 1-2 more at night as well as 3-5 hours each Saturday.  Now I am at a place where I can feel confident that my website is reflective of what MyDailyMark is and more focused on the subject I am passionate about; helping you succeed in your career!  To give you a glimpse of the fruits of my labor, here are a few things I accomplished by not blogging this past month!

  • Joined a youth speaker training course with Grant Baldwin (awesome!)
  • Created a new website to seperate my youth speaking from MyDailyMark –
  • Finished the Random and Kind website (finishing this was a big win)
  • Created and produced my first Take Action product for the MyDailyMark brand (this will be released in the next 2 weeks!)
  • Completed my first speaking demo video
  • Redesigned MyDailyMark completely (see the image at the top of this post for the old site)
  • Helped my wife with her new creative venture.  She is awesome and you should check her out! (so proud of her!)
  • Skyped with two awesome people who are crushing it! Gary Ware at Breakthrough Cocktail and DJ Waldow at Social Butterfly Guy
  • Entered a video contest for youth speakers (earned honarable mention)

Take Action Today

Take a moment to step back from what you are doing.  Is what you are spending most of your time on helping you move forward or just keeping you busy?  Take a break from busy and do something that will benefit you long term.  This could be organizing your files, create a generic form letter that saves you time in the future, or starting from square 2 on a project (you already have the experience, so you can’t start at square 1)!

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