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Career Speeding: Find a Mentor

Speeding in your career is great if you know where you are going.

Have you ever been driving long distance and a few hours into the trip you realize you are going 10mph under the speed limit following a random person?  You look around and speed past the person not even realizing how long you have been in comfort mode just following behind them.  This can happen in our careers as well.  Too many times we get into a comfortable situation and just follow along without realizing how slow we are going.   Sometimes we follow along so long that we don’t even know where we are headed or how we got to our current point.  Its time to take control of your career and make the move past what is comfortable.  Maybe even a little career speeding is in order to get noticed!

Instead of following a random person or path, look for a mentor.  Mentors are extremely important in a career and following a good one is like following an indy driver on the track.  But following a random path or person in your career can be devastating.  People who do this are usually the ones that have no clue how they got to where they are and had zero intentions of getting there.  This rarely works out for them and they end in a position they have no desire to be in with no clear reason why!?  I have been fortunate enough to follow some fantastic indy driver mentors in my career which have pushed me forward faster than I had imagined.  I have been promoted to positions I did not like following this path, but I did it with the clear understanding that these were stepping stones that offered important learnings and experience that I would need further in my career.  Make sure you are taking control of your career and have a clear understanding where you are and where you are headed.  If you have a mentor, make sure it is one that isn’t afraid of a little career speed!

Take Action Today

Ask yourself these questions and be honest with the response:

– Did you intend on getting to the position you are in now?

– Do you have a clear path or plan to get to the position you really want?

– Do you have a mentor that can help you achieve your goals?

If you answered “NO” to any of those questions, you may be following a random driver and you may not have control of your career.  Find a path and mentor today for your career.  Waiting and hoping you end up getting your dream job is not a plan!  You can take control of your career.


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