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Career Speeding: Ignore Most Flashing Lights!

Not every flashing light in your career is a reason to slow down.  There are some police lights that are there to prevent you from prison time or a crashing career (reason to find a good mentor), but most flashing lights are just people distracting you from your goal.  They express their own insecurities in the form of harmful advice or general rude statements.  You will experience both of these in your career and it is important to distinguish which is which!

Throughout my career I have generated plenty of flashing lights.  People have told me that an idea would not work or that I was spending too much time on something insignificant.  If I would have reacted to every one, I would have never pushed the boundaries and got to where I am today.  Some of the comments were justified, but most are because I was trying something new or incorporating my own personality and interests into a project.  Some of my failures are because I did let the negative comments influence me and stopped at the first road block.  I regret not pushing through in those instances.

Take Action Today

The next time you receive negative feedback, decide what you have to lose if the project or idea actually fails.  If you won’t lose anything it is worth pushing through regardless of any comments.  If you stand a chance to lose it all you need to look at where the comments or feedback is actually coming from.  Have they done something similar?  Have they been supportive of your other ideas?  Are they just scared to try something similar themselves?  If you could lose it all, then that means you could also win big if you push through the comments!

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