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Slow Dancing Kids are More Successful

Why do so many elementary school dances go on for hours without anyone dancing?  The dance floor is empty and the girls and boys stare at each other across the gym.  It is because they are afraid of taking action to ask someone to dance and being turned down in front of their peers.  This […]

Own Your Mistakes

Mistakes happen.  Unfortunately, sometimes big mistakes happen.  Even worse is when you cause them!  When you are pushing to try to complete a project, it is easy to not read through the draft of an email or not recheck those numbers just one more time in an effort to save time.  Suddenly you realize that […]

Dream Job Process with Worksheet

Finding out what your dream job actually is can be hard enough.  Reaching this goal is even more difficult.  Chances are, your “dream job” will change before you reach it and you will end up doing something even better that you ever dreamed of.  There is no secret sauce or magic pill.  You will only […]

Career Speeding: Ignore Most Flashing Lights!

Not every flashing light in your career is a reason to slow down.  There are some police lights that are there to prevent you from prison time or a crashing career (reason to find a good mentor), but most flashing lights are just people distracting you from your goal.  They express their own insecurities in the […]

Career Speeding: Find a Mentor

Have you ever been driving long distance and a few hours into the trip you realize you are going 10mph under the speed limit following a random person?  You look around and speed past the person not even realizing how long you have been in comfort mode just following behind them.  This can happen in […]

The Phenomenon that Key Leaders Experience

Have you ever researched a car to buy and then start seeing the car you are considering everywhere?  What changed?  Did Oprah visit your neighborhood and give everyone that same car you were looking at online?  Or were they there all along and you just didn’t notice?  Chances are that they were there all along. […]

Don’t Do What Your Manager Asks

Don’t do what your manager asks you.  Doing exactly what he or she asks just makes you a YES MAN!  You should always go beyond their expectations and provide them options on everything you work on.  This will take you from a YES MAN to a TEAM ASSET!  This will also prove your worth as […]

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