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Hilarious V-Day Fail

Even the most well designed plans can take a turn for the unexpected!  From my Fun Husband Friday posts, you can tell that I enjoy doing fun and unique things for my wife to keep our relationship strong!  Valentine’s Day this year was an opportunity to take our fun scavenger hunts to the next level! […]

Book of Us

Fun Husband Fridays Since I started dating my wife in 11th grade, we have been through MANY anniversaries and birthdays with barely enough money for a candle lit ramen noodle lunch at times (candles were too expensive!).  Because of this, I have become much more creative with our gifts than I ever thought.  One of […]

The Googles

  Happy Friday!  If you have read much of this blog, you understand that I like to have fun in my work and relationship.  I once did an entire presentation to a website company on marketing and digital trends referring to Google as “The Googles”.  A few picked up on it immediately while it took others […]

Sticky Note Send Off

Fun Husband Fridays Happy Friday!  This week was one of the few that I did not have to travel this year.  Traveling can be hard on a relationship and family if you don’t take certain precautions and work to maintain your marriage even while away.  If done right, travel can be good in a sense […]

Surprise! It’s Not Your Birthday!

Fun Husband Fridays My wife and I went over to a friends house for a game night with some of their friends and family.  After a while, I heard some pitchy Happy Birthday singing and turned to see everyone staring at me and the incoming candle loaded cake.  I realized what was going on and […]

Go Big with Random Holidays!

Fun Husband Fridays What did your spouse get you for Christmas 2 years ago?  What about your birthday last year?  Do you remember?  If not, don’t worry!  It’s not that you didn’t care or like it, it is because it was expected and one of many presents you received that day.  That is why I […]

How I Save Time and Get Brownie Points!

Fun Husband Friday Being a good husband and doing thoughtful things for your spouse doesn’t have to take much time or thought.  One of the best and most genuine things I do for my wife actually saves me time and requires less work than a simple text!  The next time you are at work and are […]

The Ultimate Photobomb

Fun Husband Friday You know you have made it to the next relationship level when you have a signature calling card of sorts for you and your spouse that everyone knows!  No, we don’t flood homes after robbing like Home Alone, but our friends definitely remember us visiting their home!  During the first and second visits […]

Traveling Selfie Card (No Brett Favre’ing)

Fun Husband Friday While away on business, my mind is almost always elsewhere.  Being away from home on business always makes me stay in work mode the entire day and I can sometimes forget to call or respond to texts quickly.  It’s not that I don’t want to talk to my wife, its just that […]

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