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Dream Job Process with Worksheet

Finding out what your dream job actually is can be hard enough.  Reaching this goal is even more difficult.  Chances are, your “dream job” will change before you reach it and you will end up doing something even better that you ever dreamed of.  There is no secret sauce or magic pill.  You will only […]

Best Interview Tip for a Happy Career!

We all have fears of saying the wrong things in interviews and then not getting a call back.  I am here to tell you that this fear is unwarranted and can be damaging to your long term success!  This fear may cause you to respond to an interview question the way you THINK the interviewer […]

4 Interview Questions to Set Up a Promotion

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are the kind of person that aspires to move up in the corporate ranks quickly!  The best time to set yourself up for this is in the interview for your first job with any company.  You should ask for a promotion before you even get done interviewing […]