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6 Success Mental Makeovers

This is the last and most important post in this three part series.  Here are the first two: What I wish I knew as a high school senior. How to get the most out of college. Focus on the right things in life: Hopefully you took the opportunity in college to learn both inside and […]


Take a moment to think about that statement and if it holds true in your life.  When someone asks you what you are passionate about, you usually reference a hobby or desired career.  Is the conversation or dream where your passion stops?  Stop talking about your passion and start taking passionate action! Take Action Today: […]

Take Action List

2 people inspired me to do the impossible,… or at least work towards accomplishing goals on my own version of an impossible list!  First is my wonderful (and beautiful) wife!  She has a saying that I love; “Make it public, make it happen.”  This is so true.  If you tell someone that you are going to […]

Why Blogging was Bad

Why Was Blogging Bad For This Career Blog? If you notice, my last post was a little over a month ago.  You may be thinking that I lost interest, got shut down by the CIA, or just plain don’t care any more!  Those feelings are only natural since the main reason for having a blog […]

Goal Permission Slip

Are you where you want to be in life or career?  If the answer is anything other than “Hell Yeah!”, then why aren’t you doing something about it?  Are you waiting for something?  I am here to tell you that the perfect time will not come.  Only you can determine if you have permission to […]

5 Steps to Find Perfect Inspiration

All of the motivation in the world is useless if you don’t know what to do or how to take action. With this simple technique, you can set a more clear path to your goals by viewing what others did that was successful when they were in the same position you are in now.  Creating […]

How To Always Be Successful

I have been successful at everything I have ever done. You can too if you change your definition of success. Success is not a point in time or a single shiny moment where you hear the magic bell signifying that you are now successful.  Success is when you are doing something to get you closer […]

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