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My Best Tool for Productivity

I wrote a post a few days ago about my #1 Life Hack that set the tone for the entire day and allowed me to focus my morning mental ability towards what mattered. Setting the tone for the day is great, but if you don’t do anything with it you have squandered a perfect opportunity. […]

Morning Life Hack!

If the morning sets the tone for the day, why do we sleep later than we should, immediately delay the start with the snooze button, rush to get ready, then enter the road rage stage ten minutes before we get to work?  I used to have this problem which usually caused me to begin my day […]

8 Facts About Being Productive

We have all said “I don’t have time!” at one point or another.  I was very bad about this before I started MyDailyMark and had to find a way to do more than what I thought was possible.  In an effort to find more time to be productive, I did extensive research on some of […]

Why Blogging was Bad

Why Was Blogging Bad For This Career Blog? If you notice, my last post was a little over a month ago.  You may be thinking that I lost interest, got shut down by the CIA, or just plain don’t care any more!  Those feelings are only natural since the main reason for having a blog […]