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I was talking to my best friend Mogo a few days ago and he was laughing about all of these videos I have done with Emerson.  During the conversation he said something that really stuck with me.  We were talking about how crazy I was and he said,

“I watch these videos and I think everyone that knows you would laugh, but also would not be surprised! This is how we played when we were kids and I expect that if we were hanging out in Texas now, you and I would probably be doing the same funny stuff. (joking….kinda)  It is cool to see that you haven’t changed with Em”

This immediately got me thinking about how I interact with my daughter.  Now that she is a bit older and understands play, I do treat her like my best friend!  I never realized how I reverted back to the child version of myself until that conversation, but I am proud to say that I am having a blast with my child and don’t mind showing the world.  As I watch all of these videos back, I do get a bit emotional thinking of the bond I have with her and just how hard it was to get there.  Also,…. I am really glad she gives me an excuse/reason to be a bit crazy and race around the house in toy cars or create a green monster out of a tunnel!  FUN!

Here is the next video.  No explanation needed, nor is there anything that can explain this one! HA

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Take Action Today

Have trouble playing with your child? Try thinking back to how you played as a kid and do that!  If you are worried about looking silly, don’t!  Your kid won’t think anything other than you are #DadAwesome or #MomAwesome!

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