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#DadAwesome Recap & Outtakes

Alright!  This is the final post to the #DadAwesome video series!  Here is a quick recap of all of the fun posts in the series with the Outtakes at the end:

How to be #DadAwesomePOST & VIDEO 1: Learn how to be #DadAwesome in 4 easy steps.

  1. Find ways to have fun in any situation.
  2. Keep the same traditions as pre-baby.
  3. Create your ultimate sidekick.
  4. Redefine play so you both have fun!


Dad builds toy for kid in #DadAwesome VideoPOST & VIDEO 2: Mom’s away for 5 days and I recorded everything!

  • See what happens when I tried to put together a toy with her!


How to race your child in a #DadAwesome video!POST & VIDEO 3: The crazy race!

  • The craziest ending to a Fast & Furious kid style race ever! Must watch this one!
  • Why I do videos to document instead of normal boring ways.
  • 4 things to remember when filming with a child.


Record #DadAwesome Video StepsPOST 4: 6 steps to filming a child.

  1. Plan out the video first.
  2. Be flexible.
  3. Keep the cameras running.
  4. Don’t force it.Good Mood is key for #DadAwesome video
  5. Distraction is key.
  6. Have fun!


Emerson vs. the Green Monster #DadAwesome VideoPOST & VIDEO 5: Em and the Green Monster!

  • Why my friends think I am crazy,… and haven’t changed a bit!
  • What happens when I become a green monster and eat my child….. video…. you have to watch this video.


Outtakes: No feature film or show ever survived without a few outtakes!  Here are a few of ours from the 5 day shoot:

Take Action Today:

Perfect wasn’t an option when filming with Emerson.  I learned to be more patient and accept imperfection to move forward with the video shoot.  Let go of the idea of perfection in your own life any time it holds you back. Great and done is much better than perfect and incomplete.

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