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Don’t Do What Your Manager Asks

Don’t do what your manager asks you.  Doing exactly what he or she asks just makes you a YES MAN!  You should always go beyond their expectations and provide them options on everything you work on.  This will take you from a YES MAN to a TEAM ASSET!  This will also prove your worth as a manager and that you understand the business you are in by providing other options to move the business forward.

Here are the 7 key reasons why you should always give your manager options, even if they didn’t ask:

  • Don’t be a YES MAN!  By always blindly saying YES, you will begin to be a dumping ground for all of the mindless projects.  If you are not providing any other ideas or value, then you are just someones secretary.
  • Shows you understand the WHY.  When you do more than the bare minimum and develop the project from just a single idea, you are showing that you understand the project and why you are doing it.
  • Prove you understand the business.  By giving your manager a few different options on any project, you are proving that you are thinking bigger than just the project and you understand how this will help move the business forward.
  • They will begin to value your opinion.  Not all of your ideas will be accepted, but a good manager will listen to them all and give feedback on the bad ideas (yes, some of your ideas will be bad!).  This will allow you to continue developing your skill set.  After a few times of giving you a project and you turn it into something better than he or she anticipated, your manager will begin to value your opinion as a colleague instead of an employee.
  • Fine tune your presentation and debate skills.  Don’t expect every idea that you come up with to be accepted with open arms.  You will likely have to present the idea to your manager and clearly show why this is a better option than what they gave you.  This isn’t always easy since everyone is protective of their ideas, so you will also likely have to sharpen your debating skills!  Just make sure to do this in a respectful way and live to fight another day if one of your ideas is shot down.
  • Show that you have manager title potential.  Show that you have some great ideas and are not complacent with average.  You will also show that you are passionate about the job and take it seriously.  An employee takes orders and completes the tasks, a manager thinks bigger and works to move the business forward.
  • The job is more rewarding!  Let’s face it, doing someone else’s work sucks at times!  By taking ownership in a project, you will be invested in it and push even harder to make sure it works well.  When it succeeds, you will get a huge dose of gratification.

No matter how small or large the task, there are multiple ways to complete it.  You are being asked to complete the task or project because it is related to your department and who knows your department better than you?  Provide a few options on the side that show you are trying to improve the system not just to make it easier on you, but to make the task or project more successful!

Take Action Today

The next time you are assigned a project, make sure you understand the end goal and take the time to think through several options that may work.  Develop your ideas as well as the one requested by your manager and prepare yourself to present all of the ideas to your manager.

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