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Fix Your Future. Stop This Habit.

This past month has been one of the most difficult months in my life.  My travel for work has been excessive, I have been sick for more than three weeks straight, my one year old daughter thinks that 2am pow wows are more fun than sleep, and we are looking into selling our house.  All of this has made excuses too easy to creep into my life.  “I don’t have time.” “Everyone will understand that I am too busy to get that done.” “I will start pushing harder once I am healthy and can sleep 5+ hours a night!” etc. etc. etc.

Someone once told me, “There are a MILLION excuses why you can’t do something, but you only need ONE reason why you SHOULD do something.”  That holds true in my situation and probably in yours too.  It is extremely hard to push through when it gets tough instead of giving in and regressing back to average, but pushing through is the only way to move forward and improve!  That is why I am writing this post at 5am on a Saturday.  I am sick of making excuses and you should be too.  Excuses are just our way of justifying being lazy and staying average.  To fix your future, you must stop allowing yourself to make excuses.  To see how easy they are to overcome in almost every situation, try this exercise:


Print and fill out the worksheet below to take a look at what small excuses actually prevent you from your goals. 🙂

No Excuses Worksheet

Click for Worksheet

1. What was a large goal or New Years Resolution you set in the past 2 years?

2. Have you achieved this goal? (If your answer is “YES”, YOU ROCK!)

3. Did you take any consistent action towards achieving your goal?

4. If you did not take action, what prevented you from starting?

5. If you took action but stopped, what happened to make you stop?

6. Think about your answers from questions 4 and/or 5.  Those are your excuses.  Ask yourself what would have happened if you pushed through those excuses and took action?  Would you regret getting less sleep to achieve your goal?  Would you regret asking your manager for guidance to get a promotion?  Would you regret applying for a dream job?  Would you regret working for free as an apprentice to learn a new skill that you are interested in and missing a few hours of TV at night or weekend?  The answer is NO!  You set that goal because it was important to you and you let excuses get in the way.  Pushing through the excuses and getting closer to your goal is more rewarding than any hour of sleep or season finale of the Voice will ever be!

7. Take Action Today!  Pick one small activity to do today that will get you closer to your goal and fix your future.  Don’t let excuses get in the way anymore!



– Mark

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