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Traveling Selfie Card (No Brett Favre’ing)

Fun Husband Friday

While away on business, my mind is almost always elsewhere.  Being away from home on business always makes me stay in work mode the entire day and I can sometimes forget to call or respond to texts quickly.  It’s not that I don’t want to talk to my wife, its just that I get tied up with meetings, followed by lunch meetings, then more meetings, followed by an optional (mandatory!) group outing.  That doesn’t leave much time for the mushy stuff.  One way I overcome her feeling like I was just out having a good time and forgot about her is sending a card from the trip.  Even if the trip is only for a few days and the card doesn’t arrive until you have returned, it can mean the world to her and help ease the stress of the next trip.  If you have 5 minutes and a smartphone or tablet, you can be the husband every woman in the book club compares to (and your wife brags about!),

Take Action Today

The first night of your trip, pull out your smartphone or tablet and take a quick casual picture of yourself.  STOP!  No,… don’t Brett Favre it.  Just a normal face shot that shows you are in the hotel, meeting room, plane, etc.  Then create a card on one of the many apps that you can send to her via regular mail.  My favorite is “Ink” on the iPad.  This app allows you to customize the front picture, text inside the card, choose different themes, and even put your own signoff on the back.  Then, you just purchase the card through the app and Ink sends the actual custom card to your house.  It should arrive in a few days and your wife will 100% know that you were in fact thinking of her.


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