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How To Always Be Successful

I have been successful at everything I have ever done. You can too if you change your definition of success. Success is not a point in time or a single shiny moment where you hear the magic bell signifying that you are now successful.  Success is when you are doing something to get you closer to your potential.  What may seem like a failure at the time, will later be put back into your life as a valuable learning experience which makes it a success.

Success is the Pursuit

How can I possibly claim to be successful at everything? I learn from my mistakes and use what I learned for the next go around. Each one of those experiences have placed dots throughout my life and guided me to the next venture or position.  To be successful, you must work to connect those dots and complete the full picture.  What you do today IS whats preparing you for your future.  I have incorporated two businesses and started several others without becoming a millionaire and I have not graced the cover of Inc. (yet!). But I don’t see any of those past experiences as failures. I may not have sold the company to the Googles, but I did learn valuable skills that have prepared me for success in other startups and even my corporate career.

When you know that by simply taking action you cannot fail, it becomes much easier to take action. We are all afraid of failure or rejection, but by simply taking action you are already being successful.

Take Action Today

Realize that your failure was actually a success. Answer these questions:

  • What have I failed at this year?
  • What did I learn from this?
    • What new skill did I learn from working on a project?
    • Did you find out that you REALLY didn’t like a particular type of work?
    • Did you learn that you need to improve in certain areas?
  • How can I apply any of those learning’s to a future project?
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