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Hilarious V-Day Fail

Even the most well designed plans can take a turn for the unexpected!  From my Fun Husband Friday posts, you can tell that I enjoy doing fun and unique things for my wife to keep our relationship strong!  Valentine’s Day this year was an opportunity to take our fun scavenger hunts to the next level!

I usually just do small notes and place them around the house.  This year, I created 14 miniature cards and included clues that required a bit of thinking and some research.  I placed one of the cards under the toaster (unplugged) and the clue to lead her to the toaster said:

“Use your pocket Steve Jobs computer to find this next clue!  Alan MacMasters invented this handy device that you use every day!”

If you have seen some of my Instagram posts, you know that I don’t write well (or legible).  Apparently, in my rush to complete the cards I was a bit sloppy and the last name was nearly unreadable.  When she got to the clue, she read it and typed in “Alan Masters”.  Normally Google is smarter than us and finds what we are looking for, but this incorrect version of Alan MacMasters had it’s own story waiting for her click!

After searching, she clicked on the first article she came to.  Instead of referencing the Scottish inventor and his breakfast brilliance, it took her to the article below from the Chicago Tribune!  She looked surprised, a bit worried, and laughed pretty hard once I turned beat red and started backtracking!

Valentines Day Fail

Luckily, she didn’t use her pocket Steve Jobs computer (iPhone,… I hope you got that) to call the cops!  She finished the scavenger hunt which took her across the city and loved every minute of it!  I will write a follow up to this post later with details on how I pulled off a unique and fun scavenger hunt in 20 minutes!

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