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What Happens When Mom’s Away

My wife went to a conference a few month’s ago to help grow her creative business.  She started to hit her stride after having our daughter, and we both thought it was a great opportunity to travel to CA and meet other creatives and learn a few new skills.  (Website here: Ashlee Creates) While we both agreed this was a great idea, it meant one scary thing….. I was going to be left alone with Emerson for 5 straight days!

I think of myself as #DadAwesome, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous!  The longest I had spent with her alone was 6 hours on a Saturday.  Without family or any babysitters around to help, we were both nervous about it!  Trying to be a good husband, I never showed her my hesitation so she could enjoy the trip.  The moment she exited the car at the airport and gave me that good luck look, I knew I had to do something to keep me entertained and mentally stable!  Although I had a few moments of peril (see below for an actual text I sent to a friend), I did manage to be productive through producing fun #DadAwesome videos!

Text: “Captain’s Log Day 3- The child is becoming restless.  My days and nights are blending together and I am unable to decipher Disney movie plots from real life.  I forgot how to speak normally and my accent has morphed into a mix of Elmo and Shrek.  The battle is ongoing!”



A lot of people say, “Don’t Tell Mom.”  I decided not only to tell Mom about what was going on while she was away, but I would SHOW Mom!  As with everything I do, I wanted to do something more than normal.  A regular shaky home movie wasn’t going to cut it.  I grabbed my GoPro, DSLR, lighting kit, and 2 microphones and hit the living room with a plan.  I filmed everything during the week and ended up with 4 #DadAwesome videos!

The first video shows what every parent has experienced, chaotic construction!  It seems like every child’s toy comes with too many parts and instruction booklets made by ancient architects.  Add in an antsy child, and you have a tough build on your hands!  I decided to film what this experience was like when I put together a Tropical Island Water Table from Step2.  As expected, a few parts came up missing!  Although I was frustrated several times during the build, I still ended up with this fun video that I enjoy sharing and will cherish for years!

See How to be #DadAwesome here (video & infographic): #DadAwesome

Take Action Today:

Find ways to incorporate your kid into one activity you are doing today and document it!  Take pictures or video.  Even if it is a disaster, it is still time you spent with your child!

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