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Own Your Mistakes

Mistakes happen.  Unfortunately, sometimes big mistakes happen.  Even worse is when you cause them!  When you are pushing to try to complete a project, it is easy to not read through the draft of an email or not recheck those numbers just one more time in an effort to save time.  Suddenly you realize that something was missed or wrong.  This is no time to cover up the mistake and hope no one notices.  This may work 4 out of 5 times, but that 5th time can rock your world when everyone finds out you knew and didn’t correct the mistake or notify management.  Instead, always own your mistakes!

Like everyone else, I have made my share of mistakes.  These mistakes usually keep me up at night envisioning the worst case scenario.  The only way to get it off my mind is to find a solution and make my managers aware of the issue and how I plan to correct it.  They appreciate that I already have a solution in mind and am making them aware of the mistake.  Trying to cover up a mistake will just create anxiety for you and will eventually come back to haunt you!

Showing that you care enough to want your work to be correct and effective by correcting any mistakes shows character.

Take Action Today

The next time you make a mistake large or small that affects others, create a plan of action to correct it and notify your manager.  They will appreciate the honesty and may even have great suggestions to help ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Hopefully you don’t have to use this advice often!


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