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Are Your Parents To Blame? Advice For Young Professionals

Part 2 of 2

In the first part of this post, I gave you my five cents on why college students and young professionals feel conflicted between getting a normal “good” job and working to turn their passions into a career.  I also gave out some golden life changing advice for students!  You can read that here: Post 1, Advice for Students

This post is for the young professionals out there who already have the piece of fancy paper that says, “DEGREE”.  You have already passed the point of changing your college experience to tailor it for the career you want, but not all is lost.  There are two important parts to getting a job and I am going to help with the second in this post:

  1. Getting Into the Consideration Set to be Hired: You must have a degree to be considered at most jobs.  You have a degree!
  2. Getting Hired: You must have applicable experience that proves you can perform well in the position.

Advice for Young Professionals:

Just because you don’t have a degree in the field you are most interested in doesn’t mean that you are locked out of the field.  All you need is the experience.  Even better yet is the fact that if you are not 100% sure what position you want, you can still develop your skills to follow your passions until you find a way to incorporate it into what you are doing.  Steve Jobs dropped out of college and ended up taking courses outside of school in calligraphy.  He did not know what he wanted to do and knew that it probably wouldn’t lead to a job.  Ten years later he created the Mac and used what he learned in those courses to make a beautiful interface that changed personal computing!

Follow Your Passions: Work to build experience in work you love.  There are countless ways to gain experience in the field you are interested in that don’t always involve a formal education.  My wife is interested in becoming an interior designer, so she is taking a brunch & mimosa interior design course through a local business.  It is not a formal degree, but she is getting involved with the interior design community, meeting like minded people, and learning from real world people instead of books.  Find what you want to do and work on infiltrating their network through courses, meet ups, networking, volunteering, etc.  There is a way and you do have time if it is a priority!

Be Real: Sounds counter from “Follow Your Passions”, but it is actually complimentary. Most people have a hard time deciding to make a change and when they do, they want it now!  Realize that building a successful career in any field takes time.  Be realistic with your timeline so you don’t get disgruntled and quit.  The best thing to realize is that you are doing something to get you closer to your goal and that is part of the process that is enjoyable!  Being consistent and intentional with your action is the best way to stay focused.

INTERNSHIP!: If you want to get into a field that is difficult to break into, volunteering your time to someone in the field or taking an internship may be just what you need.  You have to get out of the mindset that you are going “backwards” in your career to do this.  You are actually taking a huge leap forward in a career you want!

Young Professionals: Take Action Today

Research LinkedIn for people doing the job you want.  Look at their work experience and college majors.  Then put together a list of skills they have that makes them successful in the position.  Tailor your college experience to develop those skills through relevant classes and internships.  This is golden advice that will change your life!  Use it!

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