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Find Someone to “PUMP (clap) YOU UP”

By looking at the pictures on this site, you can tell that I am DIESEL!  I am a mountain of man muscle (“mountain” and “muscle” used loosely,… very loosely!) Before my wife and I had our first child, I was working out about 5 days a week and was in decent shape.  The times I excelled the most and had the best results all came from the periods I had a workout partner.  Working out by yourself makes it too easy to do less reps, run a bit slower, and leave a bit earlier because no one would know.  When you have someone there to push you, it makes you step up your game!  You have someone to motivate you and you can share workout ideas.  What you do outside the gym is no different!  Find someone to talk with regularly that will push you forward with your career, side project, or goal you have.

Partner Pump Up

This has never been more true than the last few months for me.  My friend and I have been working on several projects separately and talking several times a week to share progress, get ideas, and generally motivate each other.  This has caused me to get up earlier, work harder, and push through the roadblocks.  He is holding me accountable for my work simply by calling and asking “How’s it going?”.  This is the gym equivalent of pushing me to do one more rep and run further!  Here are the reasons you should find a partner to share goals and progress with immediately!

– Accountability: Having a person you regularly talk to will help you stay accountable for what you are working on.  You should tell someone your goal and what you are planning on doing to reach this goal.  Just telling the person makes it harder for you to ignore what you should be doing to reach your goal.

– Motivation: Find someone that pushes you!  Talking with someone that is also taking action in their life and working hard towards a goal will only make you work harder!

– Ideas: No two people have the exact same experiences and expertise.  This means that you can have multiple points of view for whatever project you are working on or problem you are facing.  Sometimes you are so close to the project that you can’t see an opportunity right in front of you.  Talking to someone from the outside looking in can be helpful in identifying many of those opportunities.

– Encouragement: A good partner will always be there to cheer you on and encourage you to push through any roadblocks.  You should be doing the same for them.  Make sure you don’t partner with someone who is negative all the time.  There is a difference between someone giving constructive criticism and someone putting doubt in your head with every idea.

– Having Someone to Celebrate With: Talking to someone regularly about your goal and work makes them invested in it, even if it’s only through encouragement.  When you have successes, it is nice to talk to someone that has been with you through the entire journey.

IMPORTANT: This is a two way street!  If you are just looking for support and not giving it back, the partnership will be short lived.  Make sure you are giving back and being supportive.

Take Action Today

Find someone in your rolodex that is like minded and will be encouraging.  Tell them your goal and start a regular dialogue to keep track of each others progress.

Footnote: I am lucky enough to have many people in my life that motivate me.  Thank you all!

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