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The Phenomenon that Key Leaders Experience

Have you ever researched a car to buy and then start seeing the car you are considering everywhere?  What changed?  Did Oprah visit your neighborhood and give everyone that same car you were looking at online?  Or were they there all along and you just didn’t notice?  Chances are that they were there all along.  If you haven’t experienced this with a car, then maybe a new word you have learned or something else that all of the sudden is everywhere!  I found a fantastic TED Talk called Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning.  In the talk, he takes you through his unintended obsession with four in the morning and how it is now popping up everywhere he looks.  This is called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.  This got me thinking about how we can use this in our careers and business.  Is there a way to train ourselves to start noticing opportunity or trends in the market place? 

This phenomenon is a key part of a success.  Look at the people at the top of the game like serial entrepreneurs and CEO’s.  Doesn’t it seem like they are a few steps ahead and hardly miss with an idea?  They are exceptionally good at recognizing opportunities and acting on them.  Once you have successfully capitalized on one opportunity, then it is much easier to recognize the next and they begin to pop up everywhere.  We need to learn from this and start recognizing our own opportunities large or small.  It only takes a succeeding at a one to begin to notice them everywhere.

Take Action Today

Assess your job and life to find something small that you could truly improve on or use to move your business/job forward.  Is there some sort of partnership that you could create with another individual?  Do you see something coming in the market place that you could use your skill set to take advantage of?  Is there something you could do on your own to make a little extra cash?  Find something small or large and tackle it with unwavered dedication.  Once you have achieved this, future opportunities will begin to be more clear!


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