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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to scratch off one of my goals from the Take Action List.  As mentioned in my post 12 Hours; after just 12 hours of making it public on my site that I was interested in doing podcast interviews Scott Barlow from the Happen to Your Career Podcast contacted me!  A few weeks later I was on the show telling my story and how passion projects fueled my career growth.  BOOM!

To download the podcast, search iTunes or Stitcher for Happen To Your Career and download episode Passion Projects to Dream Job with Mark McClung (Interview 3/9/15).  Then make sure to subscribe to the podcast for more great interviews!

iTunes: Passion Projects to Dream Job with Mark McClung

Stitcher: Passion Projects to Dream Job with Mark McClung

Happen To Your Career Website: Episode 64 with Mark McClung Show Notes

What You Will Hear

In this podcast, Scott and I talk about how passion projects gave me the skills necessary to get the job I wanted and needed to be successful in the position!

A lot of people only think of side projects as a way to make money.  Because of this, people are scared to start something because they are afraid to fail and lose money.  I have found that treating the projects as a learning opportunity first is a much better way to approach these ideas.  Doing this will ensure you are doing things that you truly want to learn about, focus on learning instead of making money, and put yourself in a position to grow much faster.

I used all of my passion projects (found at the bottom of this post: Passion Projects) to focus on the skills that a marketing executive needed to be successful.  I started small with each project and turned several into money making businesses while learning!  It was like getting paid to attend the best college possible, Real World University!

Real World University


Take Action Today

Take a few minutes to download the podcast episode and listen on your way in to work or class.  Think of ways you can start a project on the side to help you gain the skills you want and need!  Let me know if you need any help:

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