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Slow Dancing Kids are More Successful

Why do so many elementary school dances go on for hours without anyone dancing?  The dance floor is empty and the girls and boys stare at each other across the gym.  It is because they are afraid of taking action to ask someone to dance and being turned down in front of their peers.  This fear is something that is hard to overcome, but worth it.  The kids that overcome the fear and make it to the dance floor are already ahead in life!  They understand that the benefits of someone saying “Yes” far outweigh the possible embarrassment of someone saying “No”.  That thought can translate into taking action in any situation.

Perfection quote

There are no guarantees in life that something will work or will turn out perfect.  Waiting until you have that perfect moment or you have a sign that it is the right time will result in not taking action.  Embrace imperfection and accept that making mistakes is much better than not taking action.

Take Action Today

The next time you have an idea, ask yourself what the worst case scenario is if you fail.  If the possible benefits are greater than the worst case scenario, DO IT!

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