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What is the common theme among all great speeches, books, and articles?  No matter what the subject, they all inspire action.  The best ideas mean nothing without putting them into action in your own life.  Without action, passion is pointless and motivation is only entertainment!  That is what MyDailyMark is,… the inspiration and guidance to take action in your own life.

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You will find many subjects discussed in this website and countless tools to help you achieve your goals.  To make it easy on you, I have broken it down into a few of the most popular categories and posts.  If you want to see it all, click here.

Productivity and Life Hacks

I share my most powerful productivity and life hacks to help you get the most out of everyday!  From waking up early to being your own personal butler from the future, you can find countless ways to spend your time in ways that will benefit you.

How to Enjoy Waking UpProductivity Morning Life Hacktop productivity tip

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Take Action and Passion Projects

I end every post with clear direction on how you can Take Action today.  Without taking action, you are wasting your time reading this!  Find what fits you and start to pursue that immediately.  Passion Projects are a great way to start taking action to achieve a much larger goal that requires years of preparation to obtain the skills you need to succeed.  Look past traditional school and take the less expensive, more fun, better learning, and possible very lucrative way of getting an education,…. Passion Projects!

Power of Passion ProjectsTake Action List12 Hours to Achieve Goal

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Fun Husband and #DadAwesome

Up until this point, I have discussed how to be more productive and succeed in your life and career through taking action.  Why do I do it?  Why are you interested in success?  If you boil it down to the heart of the question you end up talking about being a better person and providing for your family!  That is why I focus a lot of my time to write about how to strengthen your relationship with your spouse and kids.  Without the support of my wife, none of this would be possible.  Here are a few of my favorite posts on the FUN things I do with my wife to keep our relationship strong and unique perspectives to being a father.

5 great ideas for husbandsFUNNY VALENTINES DAY FAILStick Note Sendoff


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How to be Dad Awesome

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Great Tools

Need to know where to start?  How to start? Or What to start?  You will find these tools helpful!

More Budget Detail: Overview Post – Detailed Post

Achieve Your Goal Permission Slip

Excuses worksheet

Remove unnecessary roadblocks from any goal!

Dream Job worksheetInspiration Web Slider


Mark McClung

About MyDailyMark

A lot of people say thatyou can’t have it all.  I see this as an excuse for laziness!  I am a young professional that manages to balance a budding corporate career, side business, passion projects, being a dad, and a not losing focus on being a fun and supportive husband!  That may not leave much time for the typical hobbies, but when you work on projects you love with people you admire; you begin to realize that the meaningful work you are doing is far more fun than building bird houses.


Real World University

*Better than any real university…..

I set my sights on a marketing career in the automotive field and built my skills through side businesses and passion projects to achieve this goal.  Thanks to all of the hard work outside of school and work, I was able to get a degree from Real World University and become one of the youngest Marketing Managers at a tier 1 auto manufacturer.  I now share the message of using passion projects and side businesses to gain the skills you need to be successful through MyDailyMark, media appearances, and speaking engagements.  Want to know more? Check out my speaking page: Mark Takes Action.