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Sticky Note Send Off

Fun Husband Fridays

Happy Friday!  This week was one of the few that I did not have to travel this year.  Traveling can be hard on a relationship and family if you don’t take certain precautions and work to maintain your marriage even while away.  If done right, travel can be good in a sense by building excitement to see each other again.  One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to leave a sticky note sendoff to let her know I am thinking about her!

Stick Note Sendoff

The sticky note sendoff is when I write inside jokes, write sweet messages, or draw funny pictures on 5-10 bright color sticky notes.  I then go around the house and place them in different spots for her to find throughout the day.  I always aim to make her laugh with these and try to place them in places that she may not see right away so she keeps getting the surprise again and again while I am away!  It is a fun feeling to get a text from her every time she finds one.

Here are a few places to consider hiding your funny/sweet notes:

  • Mirror- When she wakes up and goes to brush her teeth, she will see a fun note first thing in the morning.  It is a great way to start the day.
  • Refrigerator- Add a few to the mustard or egg carton OR load up the fridge with a note on everything to create a funny WOW moment.
  • Computer- Put a sticky note on the laptop screen and shut it.
  • Dog Food- Why not….
  • Inside of her shoe- Ok,…. now we are just messing with her at this point!
  • Car- If she doesn’t go anywhere for a while, it will be a nice touch and reminder later in the day.
  • Other- Think about her daily routine.  What does she always use during the day or just before bed that you could use?  The longer it takes her to find it the better in some cases.

Take Action Today

Grab a set of bright sticky notes and go ahead and write 10 funny notes or pictures that she will enjoy.  Get up 5 minutes early the next time you travel and put them all around the house.  Wait for the appreciative and fun texts to come!


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