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Surprise! It’s Not Your Birthday!

Fun Husband Fridays

My wife and I went over to a friends house for a game night with some of their friends and family.  After a while, I heard some pitchy Happy Birthday singing and turned to see everyone staring at me and the incoming candle loaded cake.  I realized what was going on and immediately started laughing hysterically.  My friend decided to purchase a birthday cake for dessert, and threw a few candles on it for fun.  It was not my birthday and everyone got a good laugh out of the situation.  The next step for me is to throw a party for my wife to give her the same feeling.  Only this time, I will go all out!

A surprise party is even better when the surprise comes from having a party when it’s not your birthday!  If your spouse doesn’t mind being the center of attention, throw her a “Surprise, It’s Not Your Birthday Party!”.  Invite all of your friends over to the bash and ask each to bring a funny dollar general gift.  Surprise her with cake, gifts, and a good time with all of both of your friends.  She will get a kick out of the fun night and probably start conjuring up some fun revenge for you!

BONUS: Buy a bunch of really funny gifts and write a funny story in a card for each.  Then when guests come in, make them sign their name to the card without them opening it so they have no clue what is going on.  Then have your spouse open the card and read it aloud before opening the gift in front of everyone.  I did this for my moms birthday once and it had everyone in tears from laughing so hard!

Example: Inside of card could read…..

(Your Spouse’s Name),

I knew from the first time we shared a corn dog at the 88′ State Fair that you were something special!  Now, you have claimed the World Corny Dog Eating Championship title for the third year in a row.  I can’t believe how time flies!  Anyway, enjoy this crappy present. Happy Birthday!

Take Action Today

Pick a date that works and create a secret FB group with some of your spouse’s friends to start the planning.  If you chose to let her know you are having people over, keep the TRUE reason for the party a secret!


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