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Budget Spending

Why does everyone associate budgeting with saving?  Saving is necessary, but it isn’t sexy.  In fact, saving is boring and feels like a punishment to most people.  It is time to redefine budgeting and realize that it is a tool that allows you to do the following three things: Take advantage of opportunity Spend more […]

Slow Dancing Kids are More Successful

Why do so many elementary school dances go on for hours without anyone dancing?  The dance floor is empty and the girls and boys stare at each other across the gym.  It is because they are afraid of taking action to ask someone to dance and being turned down in front of their peers.  This […]

The Phenomenon that Key Leaders Experience

Have you ever researched a car to buy and then start seeing the car you are considering everywhere?  What changed?  Did Oprah visit your neighborhood and give everyone that same car you were looking at online?  Or were they there all along and you just didn’t notice?  Chances are that they were there all along. […]