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Dad v. Daughter Race Video!

As I mentioned in a previous post (video found here), my wife attended an awesome conference for five days leaving me alone with Emerson.  I guess that means she is confident with my #DadAwesome skills!  On day one, I filmed myself putting together a toy with,…… some difficulties!  HA!

Things got much more competitive on day two!

Don’t miss these funny parts!

  • The Setup: 0:24
  • Laugh at Mark: 0:57
  • Baby Insults: 1:45
  • Crazy Ending: 2:06

I always try to have some fun with Emerson and the result is usually me looking silly and her laughing!  I’m ok with that!  This video is no different.  I filmed this on day two of Ashlee being away and nearly destroyed the house in the making thanks to some rogue robots!  Although filming with a child is more challenging than changing a diaper during a tantrum, Em did great, and we both had a blast!  I have had several questions on how I filmed this and added the special effects.  I will do a post on that topic and provide a quick how to in the next few weeks!


#DadAwesome Benefits

Doing this video hit several of the steps in my How to be #DadAwesome video.  I incorporated Emerson into something I loved doing, quirky funny videos, and did something special with her that created a stronger bond!  Now whenever she gets into the pink car, she expects me to sit on the blue one and race her.  She yells “SIT SIT SIT” and taps the seat!  So demanding,…. but cute!

Possibly the best part of doing this video is that is my version of a scrapbook.  I am not going to spend two hours cutting out doilies to place under a baby photo, but I will spend six hours planning, filming, and editing a video of her because I enjoy it! Now that the video is complete, I have it forever and can look back on that day fondly.  Here are a few tips for making your video scrapbook of sorts:

4 Things to Remember

  1. Quality Doesn’t Matter: Don’t let quality or experience keep you from filming.  We live in a world where even the most basic phones and point and shoot cameras have good quality.Quality in Video
  2. Editing: I always suggest editing the movies even if that means just adding titles.  Cutting a few shots and adding titles makes it feel more finished than just raw footage.  We all have tons of pictures and videos on our phones that we never do anything with, going the extra few steps will be the motivation you need to save it!  Editing is made easy with these free starter programs:
    1. iMovie: If you have a Mac computer, then you have iMovie.  This is the program I use, and I have been able to learn easily how to video edit without any training.
    2. Windows Movie Maker: I don’t use Windows, but I hear great things about this software!  This comes free with the Microsoft Windows Essential Package.  This program features drag and drop features coupled with big easy to understand buttons.
    3. WeVideo: This program is good for one-off video.  They offer a free package that allows you to create a 5-minute video a month and upload to YouTube.  The features are easy to learn, and there are plenty of resources to help.
  3. Planning: Filming with a child is difficult.  Plan out your shots so you are filming when you know they will be easier to work with.  When they start getting fussy, it is because they are tired and bored.  Don’t force it!  Set down the camera and come back later.
  4. Storage: Storing the files on your computer will take a lot of space.  Do these steps to ensure that you don’t end up with a bunch a video that just sits on the hard drive:
    1. Film and edit one video entirety before you start on the next.  Trying to do two at a time could create some issues with space on your computer, and you will be less likely to finish either.
    2. Once you finish editing, convert your file to a format that can be uploaded to YouTube etc. Converting it reduces the file size.  The most common will be MOV, MPEG4, MP4, and WMV.  Click here for a full list: YouTube Compatible Formats
    3. Watch and delete!  After you convert, watch the file in its entirety several times to ensure the audio and video sync up.  Also, make sure nothing was cut off.  Converting files sometimes causes issues.  Once everything looks good, and you are sure you won’t be editing, delete all of the original raw files only to free up space.
    4. Upload the videos to a sharing site.  Some people get nervous when I say this, but I am not suggesting sharing with the world.  I enjoy sharing my videos odiously, but if you want to keep yours private, you can just mark them as unlisted or private.  Unlisted makes them so they are not searchable so the public won’t find them unless you send a link.  Private means that you have to use a PW to access.  Storing the videos on YouTube or Vimeo (two most popular) will ensure that you can easily access them from any where at any time,… for free!
      • Fun Tip….. After you download to one of the sites, the account holder (you) can download that file back from the site at any time to any device!  This is a great feature.
Video sharing logosTake Action Today

Grab you phone or camera and record that secret shake, funny thing they say, or some other special thing that you and your kids do.  Then drop the video into an editor to add some titles and save the memory!  You will not regret it!

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