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The Ultimate Photobomb

Fun Husband Friday

You know you have made it to the next relationship level when you have a signature calling card of sorts for you and your spouse that everyone knows!  No, we don’t flood homes after robbing like Home Alone, but our friends definitely remember us visiting their home!  During the first and second visits at someones house, my wife and I perform the Ultimate Photobomb!

A normal photobomb is when you get in the background of a picture without the subject realizing it.  Ours is much more sneaky and memorable!  After we meet a couple and determine they have a pulse and a sense of humor, we make plans for the Ultimate Photobomb.  During the first visit at the couples house we scope out the dining room, living room, kitchen, etc.  We find the framed 4×6 or 5×7 framed couple picture that everyone has and snap a quick picture with our phones without anyone noticing.  We then go back to the house and mimic the photo by dressing and posing similar.  We print out the appropriate size and keep it for the next visit.  During the next visit at the house, one of us will sneak away and place our replica photo over theres in that frame without anyone noticing.  We leave without saying anything and wait!

We have pulled this off several times now and the response is always hysterical!  It usually takes about a week for anyone to notice but our record is well over a month!  Our favorite was replacing our friends wedding frame picture that still had the generic photo in it that came with the frame.  A family member came to their house and asked why they had a wedding picture of another couple (us) in their dining room.  They had no idea what happened and left that picture up because they thought it was hilarious!  Greatness!  This has become our trademark calling card with our friends.

Take Action Today

During the next visit at a friends house with your significant other/accomplice, follow these steps:

  1. One of you sneak away and take a picture with your phone of a framed couple photo (stay away from photos of children, those are sacred ground) 
  2. Before your next visit back to your friends house, take a replica photo wearing similar clothes and with a similar pose.
  3. Print out the picture in the correct size.  Not sure what size? Print a 4×6 and 5×7 to be safe.
  4. On your next visit to your friends house, one of you distract them and the other will sneak away and place your replica photo in the frame overtop of the original!  Maybe even include a fun note behind it.
  5. Wait for the call!  The better the job you do replicating the photo, the longer it will take them to notice.  When they do notice it, you will get the funniest call ever that will usually result in crying from laughing so hard!
  6. Repeat at your next victim friends house!
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