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Update- Take Action List

Earlier this week I released my Take Action List (post here).  I am a firm believer that by letting people know what you want in life, doors will open to help you achieve those goals.  This has been one of my keys to success and I even focused on this in my first post ever: Promote Yourself the Right Way. I mention this in several areas of the post and even in the “BONUS” section. 🙂

In the Take Action List post and page I mention that I would like to be interviewed on a podcast.  I made it public, and the universe helped make it happen!  Within 12 hours of publishing the list, I was contacted by a great career focused podcast to come on the show!

BOOM!  I can’t prove a point any better than that!

By making something public, you let people know what you want in life.  You don’t have to ask for their help, but just the fact that more than just you are aware of what you want in life will open doors you never realized were there.  Most of the time the results aren’t as immediate as 12 hours, but people will be eager to connect you with someone that can help given the opportunity.

You Do It All The Time:

Think of the last time someone mentioned trying to find some good Mexican food in the area.  Chances are you were eager to help and point them towards a great new restaurant you heard good things about or one of your tried and true favorites.  The same goes for someone mentioning that they have a podcast, or job opening, or anything else that you may be interested in.  People will think back and remember that you said you wanted to do XYZ and be eager to help both parties by connecting you!

Take Action Today

Same as the last post! Pick one of your goals that you can accomplish in the short term and tell someone.  Post it on Facebook, send your friends a video text, or shout it from your front porch!  Make sure that someone you know is aware of your intent to succeed at this goal.

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