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How I Save Time and Get Brownie Points!

Fun Husband Friday

Being a good husband and doing thoughtful things for your spouse doesn’t have to take much time or thought.  One of the best and most genuine things I do for my wife actually saves me time and requires less work than a simple text!  The next time you are at work and are about to text your spouse; send her a video instead.

A simple five to ten second video or yourself telling her good morning or to have a great day is a simple way to remind her that you love her.  She will 100% know you were thinking of her during your busy day and the video feels like you gave it even more thought and time.  In reality, hitting the record button and doing sending the video actually takes less time than texting anything similar!  I usually send these videos when I am traveling or will be at work late.  Here are a few examples:

Take Action Today

It can’t get much more simple than this!  When you are away from your wife today, hit the record button within the text and send her a short video message.  Then get ready for the sugar rush from all the brownie points!

If you need an extra push to get you started, check out how simple it is:

Fun Husband Friday Text Video Idea

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